Zero Deck

High performance eco-friendly water-oil for outdoor use

High performance water-oil formulated specifically for outdoor use. ZERO DECK not only brings out the smoothness but also brightens the tone of the wood. Free of heavy metal hardeners, it does not give rise to phenomena of self-combustion like traditional oils. Although its VOC values are insignificant, ZERO DECK is a product for outdoor use and, therefore, EC1 classification is not provided for.


Greater coverage compared with traditional products
Excellent shading property
Greater penetration in the wood compared with a solvent based product
Easy to restore: it does not require sanding
Protection against UV rays
Prevents greying maintaining the natural colour of the wood
Excellent water repellence


Application method Roller, Brush or Pad
Average coverage per coat (g/m2) 50/100
Interval before the second coat (hours) After 6, within 24

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