Zero VOC

Single/two component waterborne finishing treatment

Protective waterborne finish that is completely solvent-free. ZERO VOC can be used both as a single component or as a two component finish after adding ZERO VOC BOOST. Produced with renewable raw materials, ZERO VOC is ideal for green building and when applied directly on the wood it leaves the shade unaltered and provides a very natural effect. ZERO VOC is the first specific product for wood flooring to join the SUPER COMPLIANT ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS MANUFACTURERS LIST.


Low environmental impact certified EC1 PLUS Zero Voc
Highly ecological – re-use of leftover product – no wastage
Hardener has no hazard label
Solvent-free Formulated with renewable raw materials


Completely dry (hours) 6
Dry for sanding (hours) 3
Degree of gloss – Zero VOC X-MATT 15 (gloss) 15
Degree of gloss – Zero VOC 30 30 (gloss) 30
Degree of gloss – Zero VOC 60 60 (gloss) 60

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