Aqua Play 1

Single component waterborne finish
Single component waterborne finish featuring considerable ease of application and an excellent flow re- sulting in floors with an impeccable appearance. Thanks to the S-XL technology, AQUAPLAY 1 has a good resistance to abrasion, scratching, scuff marks as well as a chemical resistance equal to two component systems. If it is also used as a sealer, it confers a particularly warm tone to the wood.


Great ease of application
Good mechanical and chemical resistance Toning effect (if applied directly on the wood)


Completely dry (hours) 6
Dry for sanding (hours) 4
Overcoating without sanding (hours) After 1, within 3 Degree of gloss AQUA PLAY 1 X-MATT (gloss) 10
Degree of gloss AQUA PLAY 1 30 (gloss) 30
Degree of gloss AQUA PLAY 1 60 (gloss) 60
Degree of gloss AQUA PLAY 1 90 (gloss) 90

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