Aqua Play 2

Two component waterborne finish
Two component waterborne finish featuring considerable ease of application with excellent flow resulting in floors with an impeccable appearance. The excellent mechanical resistance (to abrasion, scratching and scuff marks) and chemical resistance enable the product to be used in all those situations requiring a high quality finish. If it is also used as a sealer, it confers a particularly warm tone to the wood.


Considerable ease of application
Excellent flow
Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance Toning effect (if applied directly on the wood)


Catalysis ratio (vol/vol) 10:1
Completely dry (hours) 16
Dry for sanding (hours) 16 Overcoating without sanding (hours) After 3, within 5
Degree of gloss AQUA PLAY 2 X-MATT (gloss) 10
Degree of gloss AQUA PLAY 2 30 (gloss) 30
Degree of gloss AQUA PLAY 2 60 (gloss) 60

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