Single component silane-terminated adhesive Single component silane-terminated moisture-cure adhesive. MONOSIL does not contain water, solvents, isocyanates, epoxy or amino compounds or heavy metals (tin) and consequently does not bear any health or risk warnings or symbols. MONOSIL has excellent adhesion characteristics on all subfloors as well as permanent elasticity. These characteristics make it the ideal adhesive for laying engineered and traditional solid wood floors of average size on all subfloors, with or without underfloor heating. MONOSIL does not harm the coating of pre-finished wood floors and for this reason does not leave any marks; other features of this adhesive are the ease with which it can be worked, the high level coverage, resistance to water and the capacity to absorb sound leading to a considerable improvement in the comfort of the environment with regard to noise levels.


Low environmental impact certified EC1 PLUS
No hazard label
Excellent coverage
Excellent spreadability
Perfect ridge height
High sound absorbing capacity
Available in a sausage pack version – Monosil 600


Open time (max. registration time) (min.) 45-60
Open time (time for the formation of the
surface skin) (min.) 120-150
Ready for traffic (hours) 24
Interval before sanding (days) 5
Average coverage (g/m2) 800-1000

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